Fundraisers – Avoid Fatigue with Organic, Fair Trade Tea

September 7, 2011

Drink tea while making a difference where you can.

New Ideas for FundraisingNew Ideas for Fall Fundraising

Whisk and Spoon is launching  tea gift sets for fundraiser for schools, corporations, and charities.  Profits can start at 30% on select teas and can go upwards in excess of 50%.

EASY, Healthy and Convenient

Fundraising and tea time go hand in hand.  Help your club raise money for your favorite cause with a new delicious teas for your fundraising ideas.

Raising money is usually unappealing especially when it’s the junky food kits year after year!

“Fundraising fatigue” isn’t a national trend that you can’t fight. It’s a problem that can be addressed by rethinking the way you conduct fundraisers.

The reality is that fundraising provides essential funds for the extras that turn schools from piles of bricks with teachers inside into magical places of discovery and learning and community.  These are the essentials of fundraising.  This year is an exceptionally difficult one with cuts to the educational budgets from the federal, state, city and local levels.   Fundraising will make a difference this year.

Let’s be honest, no one gets fatigued from smiling faces and playgrounds and creating special memories for kids and families.

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The Best Branding Ideas

Want a great way to get your name on everyone’s lips? Click here to discover Whisk and Spoon teas for private label...
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2016’s Hottest Fundraising Promotion!

Finally, a fundraiser that offers people something they actually want to buy — delicious organic teas — at a price that offers you a generous profit margin, making it easier for your organization reach its goals. Get Started... »

Tea Gets Personal...

Tea and Charity Enjoy the Perfect Cup of Tea--while helping raise awareness and support for charities. More details.